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Frequent Intra-Subtype Recombination among HIV-1 Circulating in Tanzania.

Kiwelu, I. E., Novitsky, V., Margolin, L., Baca, J., Manongi, R., Sam, N., Shao, J., McLane, M. F., Kapiga, S. H. and Essex, M. (2013) Frequent Intra-Subtype Recombination among HIV-1 Circulating in Tanzania. PloS one, 8 (8). e71131. ISSN 1932-6203

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The study estimated the prevalence of HIV-1 intra-subtype recombinant variants among female bar and hotel workers in Tanzania. While intra-subtype recombination occurs in HIV-1, it is generally underestimated. HIV-1 env gp120 V1-C5 quasispecies from 45 subjects were generated by single-genome amplification and sequencing (median (IQR) of 38 (28-50) sequences per subject). Recombination analysis was performed using seven methods implemented within the recombination detection program version 3, RDP3. HIV-1 sequences were considered recombinant if recombination signals were detected by at least three methods with p-values of ≤0.05 after Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons. HIV-1 in 38 (84%) subjects showed evidence for intra-subtype recombination including 22 with HIV-1 subtype A1, 13 with HIV-1 subtype C, and 3 with HIV-1 subtype D. The distribution of intra-patient recombination breakpoints suggested ongoing recombination and showed selective enrichment of recombinant variants in 23 (60%) subjects. The number of subjects with evidence of intra-subtype recombination increased from 29 (69%) to 36 (82%) over one year of follow-up, although the increase did not reach statistical significance. Adjustment for intra-subtype recombination is important for the analysis of multiplicity of HIV infection. This is the first report of high prevalence of intra-subtype recombination in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania, a region where multiple HIV-1 subtypes co-circulate. HIV-1 intra-subtype recombination increases viral diversity and presents additional challenges for HIV-1 vaccine design.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, HIV-1 feamale, genome,HIV-1 Vaccine, Moshi, Tanzania
Subjects: HIV > Surveillance
Divisions: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
Depositing User: Mr Joseph Madata
Date Deposited: 24 Oct 2013 08:42
Last Modified: 24 Oct 2013 08:42

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