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Health Sector Performance Profile Report : Mainland Tanzania July 2006 – June 2007

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, (M.) (2008) Health Sector Performance Profile Report : Mainland Tanzania July 2006 – June 2007. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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Monitoring and evaluation of health services delivery is an essential part of managing health. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the directorate of Policy and Planning has developed an analytical “Health Sector Performance Profile Report” which is evidence based with the aim to provide a clear picture on the performance of health delivery systems in Tanzania Mainland. The general objective is to assess and evaluate efficiency, effectiveness and impact of health delivery services in the country. Specifically, the report provide an evaluation on: Thirty-three selected health performance indicators; Milestones set during Joint Appraisal Health Sector Review for 2006; Public Expenditure Review report; Medium Term Expenditure Framework for FY 2006/07 and Assessment of council health services. The selected performance indicators are grouped in the following categories:Information on resources such as financial and human resources,Information which assess the quality of services in the country (process indicators),Output and outcome information and Information on the health status of the population. Milestones which were set during the Joint Appraisal Health Sector Review in 2006 were put in the following main groupings: Drugs and Medical Supplies,Availability of financial resources, Public Private Partnership, Availability of human resources, Sector Evaluation and Monitoring,HIV/AIDS,Reproductive and child health, SWAP and Social Welfare. The public expenditure review gives an assessment of sector financing in terms of sources of funds and financial expenditure for FY 2006/07 at central and council levels. The assessment wanted to track if at all there is an improvement in health sector financing from different sources. For the medium term expenditure review the report covers FY 2006/07 whereby the performance takes into consideration problems and constraints/limitations to effective implementation of planned activities. Assessment of council health services the main objective was to evaluate the annual implementation of the comprehensive council health plan reports; they have six specific objectives to be evaluated: To review and evaluate the Annual (2006/07) Comprehensive Council Health Plans Implementation Reports from 121 Councils to see if the implemented planned health interventions are addressing health problems and are achieving set objectives and targets through compilation of performance indicators. To review and evaluate 1st quarter (July- Sept 2007) implementation reports from 132 Councils to see if they have met the requirements, both physical & financial criteria. To assess RS/RHMT capabilities and commitment in assessing Councils’ progress reports submitted to (PMORALG and MoHSW) To short list and summarize observations derived from the evaluation exercise for improvement of the reports prepared by Councils in future and recommend to the management of the Ministries, for decision making to improve overall performance of Councils and Regional Secretariats. To evaluate quality of the assessment/evaluation criterion in respect of completeness, consistence, accuracy and relevance in measuring the desired results in the implementation of CCHP(s) by LGAs. To consolidate and recommend to the Basket Financing Committee the evaluation results of the first quarter (July – September 2007) technical and financial implementation reports of the LGAs for approval and funding of third and fourth quarters 2007/08 CCHPs.

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Keywords: Health Performance;Health Services Delivery;Tanzania Mainland
Subjects: Health Systems > Surveillance, monitoring & evaluation
Divisions: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Depositing User: Mr Joseph Madata
Date Deposited: 14 Jan 2013 07:01
Last Modified: 14 Jan 2013 08:01

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